The Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce, League of California Cities, and Valley Clean Air Now (CAN) cordially invite cities, counties, school districts and businesses to attend the Northern California's Recycling (REXPO III) and Energy and Clean Air Business Expo Seminars during one of the largest Ag Expos of California located at the San Joaquin Fairgrounds.

This year's REXPO III will not only showcase manufacturers of recycled products, but will also present the Valley CAN's Energy and Clean Air Business Exposition. Energy and clean air companies will be spotlighted, as well as featured speakers on how your municipality can "go green" . Come join us as we discover the possibilities. "Improving the quality of our environment is an important cause for all San Joaquin Valley residents. Valley business leaders are in the unique position to lead by example and demonstrate that environmental consciousness and business prosperity can go hand-in-hand" (Valley CAN).

Who Will Attend?
> Ag Related Businesses
> State, County, & Local Governments
> Purchasing Agents
> Schools District Business Officers
> Recycling Coordinators
> Public Work Directors
> Redevelopment Directors
> Planning Directors
> Parks and Recreation directors  Businesses
> Over 6,000 visitors over a 3 day period

What Will You Learn?
>  Building Green City Halls
Best practices on how cities are going green.
> Increasing energy efficiency
Best practices on government conservation.
>        Air Quality Elements
The law demands them in your General Plan.
> Purchasing Green, Penciling It Out
How purchasing recycled content products just makes $ense.
> Solar Initiative, Then, Today, and Tomorrow
How to make solar a reality in your city from permits to ordinances.
> Greening the Community
What businesses are leading the charge in California.
> Resources for U
State Agencies will present resources to help your city 'Go Green'.
> Other Workshops TBA

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Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce

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